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" If you're going to hell, you may as well be satisfied....@
Indulge the heavenly pleasure of sex and masturbation ..enjoy the ultimate pleasure of true orgasm."

Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm sexually bisexual, emotionally i'm straighter than a ruler. In simple words, i love cocks, not men.
This is the darker side of me only known to a privileged few..... My sexual desires, obsessions, fetishes and fantasies includes...
Feet / legs / ass / skirts / panties / lingerie / masturbation / female orgasm / pussy / cock / oral sex / licking or eating pussy - cunnilingus / cock sucking / giving and receiving oral sex / extreme closeup viewing / watching and being watched / squirting and gushing / cum in mouth / cum swallowing and swapping / squirt and gush drinking / face and mouth sitting / anal sex / clit sucking / finger fucking / public sex / blindfold / bondage / role playing / office sex / upskirt / mmf, ffm, bisexual threesome / sibling incest / mutual masturbation / rape / lesbian sex / and many more....just ask me....